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What do we mean by "Gravity-powered Electrical Generator"?

Hi, my name is Dale Randall. I am a red-seal electrician and a red-seal millwright and I have taken technology that is about 100 years old, rethought it, and developed a system for generating torque that allows an excess of kinetic energy to be available for the production of electricity.

In the 1930's Thomas Skinner powered a machine shop using a torque multiplier that used gravity to increase the input torque of 1/8 hp to the output torque of many horsepower. You can find info on this on the internet.

It would appear that he used the difference between the center of mass and the center of gravity to harness gravity's desire to always have the two line up. He did not patent his machine.

My focus has been on how to make the physics principles in the differences between the center of mass and the center of gravity practical enough that it will benefit the most people possible.

Features that make it unique

  • setup Quiet with No Pollution
  • setup Small and Secure
  • setup Environment friendly
  • setup No Cost Fuel
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Dale Randall

The man behind the gravity power generator 778-344-0233

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions1.3 m wide X 1.8 m long X 1.3 m high
  • Weightabout 550 Kg
  • Thickness3.04mm
  • MaterialSteel box
  • ColorBlack, White, Green or Custom

Frequently Asked Questions


It will solve numerous environmental problems, including eliminating green-house gas emissions from gas or diesel-powered generators, flooding lands that are beside streams and rivers, power outages due to excessive usage of electricity or the environment taking the grid down.


It will give peace of mind, knowing you will always have electrical power in emergency situations. It will also give a sense of well-being knowing you are protecting the environment.


It will increase the market value of your property. It will also protect your electrical appliances from incorrect voltage spikes and brown-outs.


When properly maintained, it will last over 50 years.


Maintenance - every year someone will have to stop the unit, check the v-belts for cracking and wear, and grease the bearings.

Operating - At present, BC requires a yearly electrical operating permit. It does not use any fuel


Solar - only operates when the sun is out and has a life of 20 to 25 years for the panels. It requires a large battery bank for 24 hour a day power

Wind - Is very intermittent and requires a large battery bank for 24 hour a day power

Hydro - It requires a water flow and is expensive to install and maintain. It requires a water rights permit that may not be renewed.


We are expecting to have the units certified by the end of June 2019.


The factory to produce these will be built in Canada to make sure the quality control and testing of each unit is accurate.


At present, BC Hydro says they will be paying homeowners $0.099 / KWH

Solar power's payback is over 15 years, and some install have a pay-back time of up to 25 years.

The Klondike Generator 10 KWH produces electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

This means $0.099/kwh X 10 KW/H X 24 hours/day X 365 days/year = $8,672.40 per year. A 3-year payback means a unit cost of $26,017.20 A 4-year payback means a unit cost of $34,689.60 A 5-year payback means a unit cost of $43,362.00

We have been able to bring the pay-back time down from 9.4 years to a mere 4.1 years at present, and our target is to bring it down to 3.5 years in the next year.


Is Off-Grid Green Electrical Energy Right for YOU?

100-year-old technology that doesn't interfere with the air we breathe, doesn't negatively impact fish and wildlife habitat, allows the environment to supply all necessary power and has a low yearly maintenance cost.

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